The Champion, The Final Fight

The Champion, The Final Fight, book cover



There is Hugo Lawrence, trying to lead the champion to the ropes. He is trying to find the perfect opportunity to strike. But Marcelo’s defence is impenetrable. Hugo is losing his sanity. We can see in his movements that the failure to connect his punches is making him more desperate by the minute. THE CHAMPION LAUGHS, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!!! Marcelo has no weak points. He seems invincible. Attention!! He's cornering him. This may be the opening Hugo was so looking for to land a right hand. Oh! Noooo! He lost it, he missed the opportunity, managing only to fan in the face of the champion.

Marcelo laughs again, our champion even has the luxury of saying NO to his opponent with the finger, Ladies and gentlemen. Our champion has all the confidence in the world. But the challenger does not give up. The number of jabs he is throwing is surprising. Marcelo dodges all of them, with movements of the waist and knees. But now it is Marcelo who surprises the challenger, making a series of combinations between defence and uppers. OOOO!!! Hugo Lawrence dodges it, and the champion’s famous upper, fan in the air.

The challenger positions himself on the offence again, throwing more jabs and an uppercut. However, as if he saw it in slow motion, the champion dodged them all. This is speed. In all my years as a sportscaster, I had never contemplated this. THE CHAMPION IS A MONSTER, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!!! We are already reaching the end of the ninth round, and neither of the contenders seems weakened. The two of them are standing opposite each other, studying. It is the champion’s turn to attack, he is looking for a hole, a loop. And, he finds it. He connects a rectum to Hugo’s nose, making him take a few steps back.


The bell rings, and the opponents retreat to their corresponding corners. The champion is wearing a smile, while the challenger looks worried. In this round, the champion takes ten points and nine for Hugo Lawrence. We can see the corner of the challenger, as his team is trying to stop the bleeding that the champion’s blow gave him when he connected with his nose. The outlook is not looking good for Hugo. And in Marcelo’s corner, our champion hasn’t lost the smile. We see him interact with the public and blow kisses to a group of fans who are cheering him on from their seats. This man is quite a character. RINGGGG!

The bell ring for the 10th round, and things are not looking even. The challenger is no longer as animated as when he started. But he comes with everything, he lunges at the champion with a series of jabs, AND GETS CONNECTED!! The point is, for Hugo Lawrence. Marcelo protects his side and counterattacks with a powerful hook to the liver and some jabs. The challenger doubles and yet manages to evade more blows from the champion. The two embrace. However, Marcelo tries to get out of the hold. The referee has to intervene. Apparently, this last blow hurt the opponent quite badly. Everything seems to indicate that Marcelo Walker is waiting for the challenger’s defence to completely fade.

Marcelo is beginning to exert pressure. He’s cornering him and HITTING TO THE JAW! The challenger loses his balance and falls on the ropes. The referee immediately assists him. Hugo Lawrence nods his head that he’s okay. The referee starts counting, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. The challenger is in the game again. Marcelo is waiting for him, and JAABBBBBBB!!!

That blow sent him to the ground. We can see how Hugo Lawrence is trying to lift his head and regain consciousness. The referee is by his side, trying to keep Marcelo away. The referee starts the count, 1, 2. But we see that the challenger is attempting to join, and it is difficult for him. 3, 4. Hugo stands up, but his gaze is unfocused, stunned. 5, 6. The challenger stumbles back and FALLS ON HIS BACK, NOCK OUTTTTTTTT!!!!!! THE CHAMPION, THE CHAMPION, THE CHAMPION!!!!

“There is a flurry of applause and shouts from the audience. Marcelo Walker, three times world champion, and now fourth. The only undefeated champion in history. The entire city of Manchester will be celebrating after he comes home as the heavyweight champion of the federation. We are approaching the champion in the ring with the microphones. We see that his technical team is celebrating him, patting him on the back and hugging each other. The happiness of the whole team is evident. Once again, Marcelo Walker succeeded. Champion, Marcelo, please a few words for all your audience.”

I turned to look at the sportscast. He was anxious, pushing the mic in my face. I took it from his hands and addressed myself to the audience, “HEEEYYYYYY! We did it. You and me because without my fans, I am nothing.”

I turned to look at my coach, who was being congratulated effusively by my entire team. “And you, Richard,” I pointed my finger in his direction. He turned to see me, only nodding. “Thanks to everyone in general who participated in my training. And my family,” I couldn’t stop smiling. I turned to where she was, in the seat reserved only for her. There she is, always with the biggest smile, jumping excitedly in the same place, waving her hand in my direction.

“My wife, who is the one who puts up with me because most of the time, I wake up on the wrong foot. And if I were her, I would have already divorced myself. Mandy, I love you.”

I handed the microphone back to the sportscast. The president of the federation was by my side, with the belt that would return home with me again. He placed it on my waist and raised our hands together. “Four times champion, MARCELO WALKER.”

Shouts of happiness could be heard around the arena. I live for this. I’m the best at what I do, and I want everyone to notice. “GRAAAAAAAAA!” I roared, extending my arms up with my fists closed, letting out a shout of victory. The auditorium rumbled with theirs.

Finally, my team and I stepped out of the ring, heading to the locker room. As we passed, fans extended their hands to greet me. I did not disappoint them. I said hello to those I could before reaching the end of the hall. Here it was all in silence.

The bustle of the people had been left behind, only heard the laughter and conversations between my team.

“Well done Marcelo, I knew that Hugo was not a rival for you” My friend and my coach’s helper, Charly told me with excitement.

“He was nothing, and do you know how I feel right now, Charly? As if I were invincible. I have no rival, as I am the best. THE CHAMPIONNNN!”

“This is my friend, the champion.” Charly patted my back several times.

“Enough, guys,” My coach caught our attention. He pointed his finger at Charly, saying, “You, stop pumping up Marcelo’s ego, which, from what I see, is about to explode.”

Then he turned to me, with that fatherly look, “And you, champion, put your feet on the ground because if you start losing it, the wind will take away you without direction. Focus, and remember what I’m going to tell you, son. When you stop being afraid, that is when you are most in danger. Don’t ever trust what you have and what you know. Did you hear me? Never. I don’t like where your thoughts are going, champion.”

“OK, OK, coach, we got it, but today, it’s to enjoy,” Charly spoke in my defence. I shook my head and laughed. My coach’s frustrated face was priceless.

When I was fifteen, he took me under his wings. I have trained with him for the last 14 years. If it hadn’t been for him, I would probably be dead by now. He took me off the streets and gave me purpose. Growing up in a city like Manchester is not easy, especially when you have parents like mine. Shit, that’s what they are. A couple of teens didn’t know how to use a condom, that’s what my parents were. They were more concerned with growing up than taking care of me, and after only a couple of years, my father left. On second thought, I was surprised that he lasted so long.

After his departure, I never saw him again, well just one or two occasions more, I think. Until four years ago. He probably saw me on TV, as I had won my first championship. Money started to rain, and fame followed. I never had any hope that he would approach me as a father. I’m sure he only saw the pound symbol on my face.

And the satisfaction I felt, closing the door in his face, compensated for all those years I was alone, wandering in the street. Richard made up for all of that. He’s the father figure I never had. A stranger taking care of a child practically abandoned to its fate, at the expense of the vices of this city. I owe my life to him, and my family too. Since if it had not been for him, I would not have met my wife Mandy, my rock.

We were all happy to have had this resounding victory. The boys kept shouting and making jokes. At the lockers, I went to the drinks bar and grabbed a bottle of water. Steep it up and finish it in one stroke. I was thirsty. The physical exertion of this size dehydrates. And there is no better way to cure my thirst than with this.

“Hey man, save a space for the party. We’ve brought everything.” I threw the bottle of water in the rubbish and turned to Martin. He, along with Xavier, are my best mates. We have known each other since Richard decided to take care of me. When they began boxing, it was only a short while ago. Both of them were Richard’s students.

From the first time we met, they accepted me as part of their group. They never criticized me for my lack of manners, or because I had not attended school as they did. Neither were they intimidated by my aggressive behaviour. I was 16 years old when I began training with them. Unfortunately, I never had parents who taught me shit in this life. What I learned from watching the street was the only thing I knew.

“A party? When and where? And why do I not know anything?” After this triumph, it was impossible for them not to organize something. Even though I knew, I pretended ignorance, and as always, we ended up at my house. I had plenty of space to do everything there. When I won my first championship, I bought it for my wife as a wedding gift. The day is still fresh in my mind.

I took her without telling her where we were going. She was immediately amazed when we entered the property. The house was gigantic. As we got out of the car, we walked to the entrance, took out the keys, and put them in her hand.

“What are the keys for, Marce?”

“You thought after we got married, we would still live with Richard?” The face of surprise, shock and final understanding she made touched my heart. Mandy looked at the keys, contemplating what to do with them. She was still watching them, and suddenly, I saw tears that fell on her hand. She was crying. I take her chin carefully and lift her face. Her eyes showed the happiness and deep love that she always had for me. I would rather never stop seeing that in her eyes, ever. Her lip began to tremble, and she only managed to say, “Marcelo” to me before throwing herself into my arms.

I shook that incredible moment from my mind, returning to the present. “Don’t tell me the boss didn’t give you permission AGAIN. What will be this time? Food is extremely greasy, or alcohol is not good for your body, or the best and newest. You should rest and regain energy, Marce.”

“Hahaha,” all the boys laughed. I was not left behind. It was true, Mandy takes excellent care of me. Even so, I would like her to relax with me every so often.

“Enough, punks, you’re talking about my niece.” Richard came to the defence. Pointing his finger at Martin and Xavier, he said, “You would like to have a woman who cares about you as much as she does for the champion. Those extra pounds that you have, Martin, would be in the past, and you, Xavier, your body will last more than the second round, after sweating like a pig.”

The two of them widened their eyes in surprise and immediately closed their mouths. I laughed like never seeing their faces. It’s true what Richard told them. If it weren’t for Mandy, I wouldn’t be where I am now.

In the distance, we heard heels approaching the dressing rooms quickly.

“UUU, the boss is coming. Hide the snacks,” One of them said.

The door slammed open, and there was Mandy, my wife. The first thing she saw coming in was me. And without wasting another second, she ran towards me. And with a leap, she jumped on top of me, entwining her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist.

“Marce, you did it. I knew you would make it.” She started giving me kisses all over my face. This demonstration of love in front of everyone inflated my pride. Show everyone how such a beautiful and intelligent woman as Mandy loved me so much. It was everything I asked for. Along with knowing that she will always be here for me.

All my childhood and adolescence, I grew up without love. I do not remember when my mother or father kissed me. Despite the years of being with Mandy, I was still hungry and needed her kisses. I needed to know that her love would be available to me every day for the rest of our lives.

With the hug over, I put Mandy on the floor. She turned to see everyone, and her cheeks turned red. I can’t believe that after all this time, she’s still blushing. “Hello everyone,” Mandy narrowed her eyes and looked at us suspiciously.

“What were you talking about?”

“Ah! Ha, ha, my love, don’t waste your time on them. Did you like the fight?”

Mandy turned her attention to me again, and her suspicious look immediately disappeared, replaced by one of adoration.

“You were great, as always. I can’t believe how hard you hit him. His head shook for about minutes before hitting the floor. I am very proud of you, my love, very proud.”

Mandy hugged me again, and after we broke our embrace, she turned to Richard and kissed him hello. “Hi, Dad. How did you see the fight?”

Richard narrowed his eyes, saying. “I have detected some things that we have to discuss when all is quiet. I’m counting on you, Mandy.”

“Ah! Sure Dad, whatever has to be implemented, count on me, you know that.”

“Enough talk. Now is the time to celebrate. Mandy, I’m afraid to inform you that you will throw a party at your house in honour of the champion.”

Martin dropped the bomb, making Mandy's eyes widen in surprise, “but, but how?” I turned to see Martin giving him a fuck off look. However, he only feigns ignorance by shrugging his shoulders. I took Mandy’s hand and pulled her out of the locker room before she started arguing with them.

“Marce, I don’t think it’s good for your muscles after the fight. We need to give them a message to relax them and not lose their elasticity.”

I signalled to everyone that we would meet at the house. While I practically pulled Mandy by the hand through the corridors of the arena.

The party was at full throttle. Mandy had no choice but to get involved with the preparations once we got home. All my pals from the gym were here, along with my personal team. My representative, Ralf Austin, and his daughter, Silvana, were also there. We are not very close, but we do good business together. That is why it is important to include them in my celebration.

Although Silvana, I’d rather leave her out of my business. It’s impossible. From what I know, she and her father have always worked together. And the reason I want to avoid her is that she doesn’t miss a chance to flirt with me every chance she gets.

“Yea! Did you see the right hand he gave him in the jaw? That blow is for posterity. Not that I cannot be at the level of Marcelo, but it is quite the opposite. I would rather not overshadow him. We have been mates since childhood and I would never do that to him.”

I listen to Xavier, from a distance. That bastard, he couldn’t hold me even for a single round, despite the fact that we have always trained together. He did not dedicate himself professionally to boxing. His parents convinced him to pursue a degree, and now, he is one of the best lawyers in Manchester.

I walked over to where they were, with a sneer plastered on my face. I got behind him and, as usual, I put my arm around his neck in a hug. “What were you talking about, mate? Did you say something about my fight?” Xavier stretched his back and slowly turned his head in my direction. My face was still grimacing.

“Na, mate, I was telling Charly about the right to the jaw you gave Hugo. I even repeated it in slow motion to see his face when he touches the canvas.” “Hahaha,” I patted his back and headed over to where Richard was chatting with Ralf.

As I walked towards them, I listened to Xavier continue with his talk about how he was faster than I. And the advice that he would give me to improve my technique. Ha! When Ralf saw me arrive, he opened his arms, welcoming me. “Ah! The champion. Toast with us, Marcelo.” He turned to see his daughter, and she, who did not take her eyes off me, said, “Silvana, bring the champion a drink.”

Her eyes immediately lit up, and then said, “Sure, Father.” She went eagerly to the drinks table and came back with a beer.

“Here you go, champion.” She reached for me to take it, but as she handed it to me, she made sure her fingers brushed mine. Mm! As I said, she never misses an opportunity.

“It’s good that you join us, Marcelo. I was telling Richard that we have a challenger ready for you. If you accept it, the fight will be in six months.” I turned to see Richard. Throughout my boxing career, he has always been my coach, business partner, and father. I did nothing without checking with him first. Richard was thoughtful, and I wanted to know what had put him in that state. But I answer him anyway, “Sure, Ralf, who is it?”

Ralf grinned from ear to ear. For him, this means more money.

“He is not someone truly recognized, more like a second-rate boxer. We have to consider his proposal because our media promoter made me see that we have to be inclusive. Don’t just go for the contracts with the most famous boxers. You are the champion. There is no one better than you, Marcelo. Today, you just defeated one of the best in the world.”

Mm! Yes, I am the best. And just like Ralf put it, this challenger would be a piece of cake.

“Not so fast Ralf, I need you to give me a year before we have the next fight. There are some things that I have to reconsider in Marcelo’s strategies. The training that he takes requires some adjustments, and for that, I need time.”

I turned in amazement to Richard. He has mentioned nothing to me. What changes is he referring to? I am the best in the world and no one could defeat me, not tomorrow, not in six months.

“Richard, you know those are businesses. Marcelo is fine. He needs nothing else. The challenger, as I told you, is a second-rate fighter. Nothing to worry about.” Ralf turned to look me straight in the eye, then said, “Isn’t that right, Marcelo?” After that, I agreed with him. I don’t think I require a new strategy at the moment. What I’m doing is working wonders. Quickly, I glanced at Richard. He was also waiting to hear my answer.

I shook my head as if this didn’t matter and said, “I don’t see the problem with accepting the challenge. Six months is enough time to prepare well for the fight.” Immediately, I noticed Richard raised his eyebrows in surprise. I had never questioned his authority. But in this case, a second-rate fighter, he would do nothing to me.

“Don’t worry, Richard, he’s just a minor fighter. There is no one capable of defeating me, not in six months, not in a year.” I was waiting for Richard’s confirmation, yet he just shook his head and said nothing. His reaction touched something in me. I felt like I had let him down. I shook that thought out of my head and thought differently. No way, I can’t possibly disappoint him. I just won my fourth world title. There is nothing to disappoint here. I am the champion.

“Somebody wants roasted sausages. They just came off the grill.” Mandy arrived just then with a tray of low-fat hot dogs. That made me smile. She does not miss the opportunity to take care of me, even if we are in the middle of a party.

“Not for me, daughter. By now, the consumption of meat in my diet must be almost non-existent.” Richard answered, but Mandy just pouted. She understands very well the diet that Richard must follow. A year ago, he suffered from problems with cholesterol and high blood pressure. The doctor forbade him to eat salt and red meat. Now, the poor man only lives on salads, fish, and chicken. But I’m not better than him.

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